Mohawk Amateur Radio Club

Unfortunately some of the clubs history has been lost over time. We will keep updating this page as new information is discovered. The Mohawk ARC was started in 1985 when “radio buddies” Louis Maroni NA1P & Dich Batchelder WE1B decided it was time for the Athol/Orange area hams to get organized. Up until this time there were many hams in the area all doing their own thing. Shortly thereafter John Dould K1JFD , Dick’s wife Marian AA1B, Reverend Richard Bell and Frank Gorzkowicz N1EWJ decided to form a club.

However Louie NA1P & Dick WE1B are considered the Founders of the Mohawk ARC. John K1JFD, Richard (call?), Frank N1EWJ and Paul Bouluc W1RX are considered the ordinal charter members.

John Dould K1JFD and Mark Kimmel N1ZYG

The first meetings were held at Reverend Bell’s church in Orange. Meetings were held at many locations over the years including the Legions in Orange & Athol and moving to Gardner around 1998?

Early field day dinner at Petersham Curling Club

Video of past events with many of the clubs SK’s


Tom Pratt N1TKK & Paul Toposki W1SEX

Dick Hancock N1ONR