• New to Ham Radio?
  • Have questions about new modes (what the heck is FT8?)
  • Looking for antenna ideas?
  • Buying a new radio?
  • Need help with a project?
  • Need help making that first contact?

The Mohawk ARC has years of experience in helping Ham Radio Operators help others at their chosen hobby, or help them become amateur radio operators.

You’ve taken the license exam and received your Station Callsign from the FCC – now what? The books and classes teach you the theory of radio propagation and the FCC rules, but don’t provide much help in the “how” of all this. How do I find people to talk to? What kind of antenna do I need? How do I get a QSL card? So many questions! How do you get some answers? Ask an Elmer!

What or who is an Elmer?

An Elmer is the Ham Radio term for a mentor, a helpful Ham that provides advice, encouragement, and assistance to fellow Hams. Most Hams have an Elmer at some point to help them get started and guide them on their first steps into the hobby. As a member of the Mohawk Amateur Radio Club you have tremendous resources available to assist you in the form of fellow Hams with hundreds of years of combined operating experience, literally dozens of potential Elmers!

Come to a Field Event – Mohawk ARC operates at several events every year. Field Day Parks on the Air, Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air and others. At many of these events we set up multiple HF stations (setting up is half the fun!) and operate for extended periods of time.

Club members get to take turns working in a “contest” environment. Since we operate using Mohawk arc club call N1WW or a Special Event call with Extra Class Control Operators present, Technician Class licensees can operate at these events as well.

At public Service events you can gain experience working in a directed communication Network. Loaner radios are usually available if you don’t have one and you can be paired with an experienced operator to learn the ropes. Dates and time for all these events will be posted on this web site.

Here is a great article on Elmering    Elmering the Next Generation